30 Second Tip – Decluttering Your Cards

This tip is so easy, but it can really help you sort through that constantly accumulating pile of birthday, anniversary, get-well, thank you, and other cards that you are gifted on a regular basis.

Sentiments are always welcome, and it’s great that the gift giver took the time to get you a card for that special occasion.  But just because they did, it doesn’t mean you have to keep and treasure that card forever.  So when trying to decide which to keep and which to toss, follow this simple guideline:

Step 1:  If the card is generically signed with no custom note, then just toss it.

Step 2:  If the card has a heartfelt note written inside, read it through and think:

  1. Does this bring me good memories or bad/sad memories?  Keep the good ones, toss the bad ones.
  2. Does this note come from a person who still holds a valuable role in my life?  And this doesn’t mean that they have to still be with you.  Old mentors or family members who have passed on can still play a valuable role in your life even though you don’t see them anymore, and those memories (if cherished) can be saved.  Friends, family members or other previous relationships that have faded, even if good at the time, can be better healed if you let it go.

Keep those cards that truly make you happy and keep good memories alive.  And be ok with getting rid of the rest.  Then make a habit of occasionally reading through the cards you did decide to keep, not only to remind yourself of that special occasion and person, but to decide if it still plays an uplifting role in in your life.

Life is too short to remember what doesn’t make you happy!  (Click to Tweet!)

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2 thoughts on “30 Second Tip – Decluttering Your Cards

  1. Ann

    Great tip Lesley. I bought these really pretty decorated boxes – one for each of my children, for my husband and one for friends. I save those cards with special handwritten notes in them. I just added one for my new little grandson because when I went through the ones for my children there were so many homemade ones that are particularly precious to me – I can’t wait to get his handmade ones!

    1. Lesley Morrison Post author

      Those are worth keeping! I’ve recently had to start making decision on art projects that are coming home with Matthew from daycare – which to keep and which to save? For now, I’m keep those with authentic hand or foot prints. Generically painted or colored pre-fab pictures are getting hung on the fridge down low where he can play with them, and then the old gets tossed and replaced with the new when it arrives!

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