Can an organized kitchen help you lose weight?

Can an organized kitchen help you lose weight?

Not only do I love organization, but I really enjoy healthy eating, living and cooking.  As such, I recently read a study done at Cornell Food and Brand Lab, which found that:

“stressed-out women sitting for just 10 minutes in a messy, chaotic kitchen ate twice as many cookies (which was about 65 extra calories) compared to those in an organized, calm kitchen.”

65 extra calories may not seem like a lot, but it can certainly add up over time!  And what if your snack of choice is something more calorie dense?  So it’s easy to think from this research that controlling your stress and keeping your environment clean and calm can help curb overeating.

Another win for being organized!

I’m always amazing how being organized and decluttered can affect so many areas of your life in such a positive way.

More next week!

All the best,

P.S.  If you want to find one of my favorite ways to keep counter tops organized and cook healthier, check out this post!

4 thoughts on “Can an organized kitchen help you lose weight?

  1. Ann

    Love this Lesley. I did a newsletter a few months ago about how an uncluttered kitchen affects weight loss or gain. It’s a pretty fascinating subject to see how everything is related and impacts other things. Feel better!

    1. Lesley Morrison Post author

      I’m hoping your research showed the same thing I did! Can you post a link to your newsletter for us to look at?

    1. Lesley Morrison Post author

      There’s so many great things that were relevant “back in the day” that are still so useful now. There’s a lot of wisdom in simple things when the world wasn’t so chaotic!

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