Everyone has tools that make life easier, and here I plan to share some of my favorites with you!  Do check back often since information will be added as I continue to explore new organizational methods for my life, home, time, finances and business.  Please know that everything recommended on this page has been personally tested and found to be helpful.  It is my sincere hope that your life will be simplified as I’ve done all the research for you!

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  (You can read the full disclosure here).  I do believe in these products, but I want you to purchase them only if you feel they will help you achieve your goals, not simply because I’ve recommended them.  Everyone has their own organizational style and you will find what works best for you.



One of the best websites ever!  As much as I try to shop locally and support local businesses, when you live in an non-metro area it can be hard to find everything you need.  And driving all around town to try and find those items really defeats the purpose of saving your time when trying to get things done!  Luckily you can find practically everything on Amazon, and generally for a great price as well!

Click here to check out some of Amazon’s best for home storage and organization



I love Target.  Not only shopping online at Target, but also just browsing the store.  The one I visit locally is clean, never too crowded, and super well organized.  And in Target you can find tons of great looking and inexpensive ways to keep your home, office, car, etc, organized and looking great!  They have clean and simple styles that match all decors and budgets.  You can use the link below to start browsing online and get FREE shipping on all orders of $35 or more!  Super great deal, and super convenient to have your items shipped to your home!


Storage Bins & Decorative Bowls

So handy for all things organization!  I like the ones on the above link, and us them all the time in my home, but you can certainly find other styles, colors and sizes to match your home, decor and organizational needs.  I talk about my use for these particular storage bins in this post:  One Simple Trick to Start Decluttering Now.  And decorative bowls make small things that you use frequently easy to find, because you know you have an awesome, practical place to keep them!  You can learn more in this post:  30 Second Tip – Have a “Drop Spot” for Every Day Items.


Vacuum Sealer & Pressure Cooker/Canner& Spice Rack

These are indispensable items if you buy or grow food in bulk and are unable to use it all up while it is still good.   Preserving food this way keeps it fresh and if done right away, can really ensure that a lot of flavor and nutrients are retained.  It does take some time and effort to do this, but my family has found it is really worthwhile, and like anything, the more you do it the better (and faster!) you get at it.  If you decide to try it, make sure that you also get yourself some FoodSaver Bags for the vacuum sealer.  If you want to try canning, you will also need a Canning Kit, Canning Jars (we love Ball Wide Mouth, much easier to work with than Regular Mouth!), and you’ll find the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving the best go-to guide to learn how to get started!  The spice rack helps you stay more organized in the kitchen, leading to more hassle free cooking (saving you time and calories!).  You can read more about the spice rack here.


3 Bin Laundry Sorter & Shout Color Catcher Dye Trapping Sheets

My favorite way to keep laundry organized and streamline washing (and even folding and putting away!) clothes.  I’ve personally used this bin for over 10 years, and it’s still holding up great!  It’s lightweight and was super portable during my college years when I moved around a lot.  Now it fits easily in my closet under my hanging clothes.  I love that you can wash the mesh bags (but don’t put them in the dryer – just let them air dry).  If you hang the bag back on the rack when it’s wet from the washer and pull the string tight, it dries tightly around the frame and you can stuff it full without the bag coming off.  You can learn more by reading this post:  5 Tips to Make Laundry Easier.  (The color sheets are addressed in the comment section below the post).


Tangle Free Hangers & Cleaning Supplies Bag

There are items from my 30 Second Tips series.  First, the only hangers I ever buy – they are inexpensive, never snag or tangle on each other, and hold everything (blouses, dress slacks, tank tops with delicate straps, and heavier items) without bending or breaking!  My cleaning supplies bag keeps all cleaning supplies in an easy to find place and makes it super portable for carrying from room to room.  You can read more about it here.


 Digital Kitchen Timer & Fitbit Surge

Another few items from my 30 Second Tip series!  Timers can help significantly with your productivity and keeping you on task.  Any time I use a timer instead of just sitting down to work without one, I’m always amazed at how much more I get done.  I get more in depth on how this work in this post.


At-A-Glance Desk Calendar & Dry Erase Family Calendar

When you are setting goals for yourself, having a big & easy to see yearly calendar like this is essential!  The digital calendar on your phone is great for keeping on task with day to day appointments and obligations where you have to be someplace or do something at a certain time of day.  But for setting big abstract goals (especially those that don’t have a certain time of day where they need to be accomplished), a digitally set appointment is just too easy to let slip by.  Being able to see the whole month at a time can help you easily visualize the flow of a project. keep you on track, and keep you from becoming overly aggressive in your goal.  You can read more about how I’ve used this type of calendar in my post What Gets Scheduled Gets Done.  And once your family starts to grow, having an easily accessible and modifiable family calendar for appointments and events is also essential for keeping yourself organized on who needs to be where and when!  You can see how my family using this type of calendar in my post 30 Second Tip – Have a Family Calendar.